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What can you find here? Well, only the very best of Newport Avenue's Magnetic Word Puzzle creations and haikus.
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why does the cook manipulate the pink puppy & chant like a shadow
I urge you to dress as a gorgeous goddess & whisper with water
recall: no tiny tongue forests her hot sun
and only true chocolate can love the delirious apparatus
and blow a boy to a moment of death
I have a symphony of enormous butt & luscious breast & delicate skin at my bitter knife
I want my essential hair diamond
beauty purple liked peach
drunkedly worshipped with frantic lust language
eat the smooth fingerlike rock
drooling dream of man and woman
screamer ache pound it
pant head lather spray shot juice
eternity beating
I want a black drug so that Jack screams for visionary worship whisper
repulsive rock rips run rose petals rusting, robbing and recalling gardens
my eggs stare at you
beauty club goddess urges frantic worship
I whisper bare language juice with my moaning fingers
please stop it from producing elaborate diamond chains
the thousand moons have incubated a mad white death under your skin, gorgeous woman
out but a ing soars to no be so   [sic]
urge crush delirious beauty
swim through languid music
of delicate blue light
friend, do not stare at my pants
lick my light
knife the knight & jack the juice
the versatile vision cannot produce
a spirited twilighty ding-a-ling do
I have the fire desired by you
dearest mad kindred,
laughter's cool symphony breaks the spirit of anxiety
so prance and dance
for therein lies the true life
to an atheist, death's rhyme scheme is frantic
to the worshipful, it is heaven's tongue
green paint looms
red metal can, weld your silhouette
come to life
white scream
blue smoke
I ate a neoaesthetic fashion model
passionately capturing her glorious harmony
chisel a shard to break this mess
balance through grace
free every rhythm
create the absurd
then you will know joy
feel purple fiery pain
see death through demand
imagine song or suffer
always appear drunk
old psychedelic metaphor
shimmers surreally in my studio
it is a masterpiece canvas
hard instrument
bold sculpture
rigid concrete
wild monument
raw experiment
nude wood
angry symbol
mounting an angel of color
you must drool no more
your pillow is sad and wet
drool on mine instead?
Ey ma--what'sup? Ride tonite?
  Celly's on, neons, too. Both in blue.
  Pick u up at the corner.
  Braids or not? Me in beige. 'kay.
  Thai, sushi, or drinks. No, let's do DC.
  The capital of... why here? From G-town to the two-school district, all's good; but you can only take the M Wisconsin attitude for so long.
  Actually, for about one afternoon. No more.
  That's why... so many workaholics. They are avoiding attitude.
  So here we are; back. But in the front seat.
  Here, celly off, neons, too.
  No attention, be mature.
  Don't be blue.
  Beige is good for the city.
Antitrust. Or competition law?
Mass Ave. Or Place Schuman?
Bud. Or Stella?
You get it. It's the Honeywell divide, man.
Didn't think you could rhyme 'bout this?
Law is poetry. Passion. Especially when you travel.
to be sensitive
is to empathize, even
when you don't get it.

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